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The order of reviewing the articles for publication in the journal "Orthodontics"

1.    Upon receipt of the article the chief editor determines the matching article to the journal profile, the requirements for registration and sends the article for reviewing to one of the members of  Editorial Board or an external reviewer - a specialist, doctor or doctor of sciences, having the closest scientific specialization to the topic.
2.    The peer review is confidential. The author of reviewed article is provided an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the text of the review. Breach of confidentiality is only possible in the case of reviewer’s application  being invalid or falsification of materials contained in the article.
3.    The period of reviewing the articles - 7 days.
4.    The review will highlight the following issues:
a) Matching the content of articles to what is declared in the topic title;
b) Compliance with the modern achievements of science;
c) Availability of readers in terms of  language, style, material location, visibility of tables, graphs, figures and formulas;
d) Feasibility of publishing the article based on previously published articles;
d) Positive aspects and disadvantages of the article, corrections and additions that need to be made by the author;
e) Recommendations taking into account the correction of these disadvantages, or not recommending for the article to be published in "Orthodontics" journal.
5. All reviews, carried out by members of the editorial board will be, certified by the publisher. Reviews, carried out by external reviewers - certified in the manner prescribed in the institution where the reviewer works.
6. If a review contains recommendations for correction and refinement of the article, the chief editor of "Orthodontics" will direct to the author comments from reviewer, with a proposal to take into account when preparing the new version of the article, or argumentatively (partially or completely) refute them. Modified (revised) article by the author will be sent for review.
7. The article, not recommended by the reviewer for publication, is not accepted for reexamination. The text of a negative conclusions will be sent to the author by e-mail, fax or regular mail.
8. The presence of positive reviews is not a sufficient basis for publication of the article. The final decision on whether the publication is received will be made by the editorial board of the journal, and recorded at the meeting of the editorial board.
9. After adopting a decision by the editorial board of the journal "Orthodontics" on admission of the article for publication, the author will be informed by e-mail about the publication dates.
10. All the reviews are stored in the publishing house for 5 years. Copies of the reviews can be sent to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, when requested.

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