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The terms of publishingarticles in the journal «Orthodontics».

Information for authors. Thepublishedarticlesare based on the material of original scientific research and clinical observations, as well as thematic literature reviews in the journal. The scientific articles for publishing in the journal of Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) must meet a number of formal requirements both for design and content.
Mandatory requirements for scientific articles intended for publication in the journals recommended by VAK
When submitting the article to the editors observe the following rules.
The article must be accompanied by the official referral from the institution where the work wasperformed and has the approval of the supervisor.
The scientific article should be limited in length(7-10 typewritten pages,A4 page size, portrait orientation, 2.5 cmmargins on all sides, Times New Roman, black color, size 14, spacing 1,5), literature references in square brackets.Manuscripts must be submitted by authors in electronic form, together with a printed version of the article, figures, tables, diagrams, photographs, etc. Articles may be sent to the editors by e-mail.
First, specify the name of the article (in Russian and English), initials and names of the authors (in Russian and English), the institution where it came from (university, department), scientific degree and title, and the specialty of the authors. Attach photographs of the authors.
Annotation.Indicate the goals and objectives of the research and its practical application that helps to capture the essence of the problem (2-3 sentences), in Russian and English.
Keywords(3-5 words) in Russian and English.
The original article is based on the following principles.
Introduction and novelty.The value of investigated scientific evidence in theory and practice.Indicate the new solution of the scientific problem.
Data about the methods of research.Own scientific research, previous studies (related articles), statistics, etc., used by the author in the article. The presence of figures, formulas and tables are allowed only if it is impossible to describe the process in textual form. If the article is theoretical, list the general ideas which will be further analysed.
Experimental part, analysis, summarising and explaining the data or comparing of theories.It should occupythe central place in the article in terms of volume.
Conclusions and recommendations. The article must contain answers to the questions, raised in the introduction, and end with specific conclusions.
The reference list must be typed on a separate sheet, double-spaced, each source - from a new line under the serial number. All authors, mentioned in the text, are enumerated in alphabetical order in the list (first domestic, then foreign).
It is required to indicate the author's name and initials, full title of the book, place, publisher and year of publication of the textbook, manual; magazines - names of all authors, initials, full title of the article, journal title, year, number and numbers of pages.
The reference list does not include references to thesis works. The authors are responsible for the accuracy of all data in the reference list.
Bibliographic references in the text are given in square brackets - the number according to the reference list.
The authors, mentioned in the article, should always have their initials, and it is necessary to specify them in the reference list. The names of foreign authors should be given in the original transcription.
Abbreviations are not allowed, except for common abbreviations of chemical and mathematical values, and terms. System of units SI should be used in the article.
Tables should be constructed clearly and have a title, headings should exactly match the contents of the columns. All figures in the tables have to be carefully checked by the author and match the figures in the text. The serial number of the table should be specified in the text.
Illustrations (photos, drawings, radiographs, graphicsand diagrams) should be contrasting and clear, with the number under each picture. Requirements for photos: photos in tif, jpg with resolution 300 dpi (dots). Graphs and diagrams should not be overloaded by text labels. Also send illustrations as separate files intif, gif, jpg, bmp, or in the original format. Figure captionsshould be given both in the text and on the separate sheet indicating the number of drawing and related page; the place of drawing should be specified in the text. Captions includethe explanation of the value of all curves, letters, numbers and other symbols.
The article, devoted to review of the scientific literature, should not exceed 15 pages of typescript.
It is necessary to specify the first and second names of the author (whomthe editors will maintain correspondence with), place of work, home address and postcode, telephone and mobile numbers, ande-mail.
Received materials may be subjected to editorial revision to correct typographical errors, inaccuracies, stylistic, grammatical and syntactical errors. Adopted materials will not be returned. The authors of publications and appropriate medical or other institutions are responsible for all data and information in the article.
Articles not written in accordance with the specified rules will be returned to the authors without review.

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